Locatrack SOlution

An innovative and lean asset tracking service to monitor assets location and optimise their use.

a wide range of assets to track

IoT trackers connected to the 0g Sigfox network

Visibility dashboard for assets geolocation

Access to a data platform to locate your assets and leverage optimization insights. 

Key features

Get key indicators on the efficiency of the use of your assets


Distance, a road travelled and availability.

Asset use rate analysis

Get data on the distribution of assets use in the fleet management process.


A processed data to bring out actionable insights. A detailed analysis of the use of assets in order to be able to optimize it.

Real-time alert

Get real-time alerts on movements, geofencing, sleeping assets, unforeseen damage, road deviation, etc.


Get predictions about the time of arrival of assets for the transportation of goods for example.

Condition monitoring

IoT trackers can detect changes in temperature, humidity or shocks.

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